Our Product Range

RECOPAK design and manufacture Innovative Packaging Machinery.

We specialise in the Dairy, Wine, Beverage and Water processing industries as well as many other food product lines.

Can, bottle, bag or box; RECOPAK are your Packaging Machinery Solution.

We provide ready or custom-made solutions to satisfy each customer’s requirements and the ever changing needs of the industry.



The RECOPAK range of De-Palletisers offers a reduction in labour costs, increase your productivity and most importantly eliminate any issues with occupational health and safety. Our Fully Automatic De-Palletising solutions provide continuous operation for your De-Palletising process. Our aim at RECOPAK is to Increase the efficiency of your workplace and reducing your outgoing costs.


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Trusted Clients

RECOPAK have manufactured Packaging Machinery for many Australian companies – such as: