The RECOPAK range of de-palletisers offers a reduction in labour costs, increase your productivity and most importantly eliminate any issues with occupational health and safety.
Our Fully Automatic De-Palletising solutions provide continuous operation for your de-palletising process.

Increasing the efficiency of your workplace and reducing the outgoings is the aim of any business and RECOPAK have your total de-palletising solutions.

A typical De-Palletising system operates by:

  • Automatically introducing containers via a pallet into the machine;
  • Lift the pallet into position;
  • Remove and stack a top layer sheet onto a layer sheet collection deck area;
  • Allow a sweeper arm to sweep the top layer of containers from the pallet onto the infeed accumulation conveyor,
  • Move the containers forward allowing them to be introduced to a single lane outfeed conveyor evenly;
  • Lower empty pallets to then exit via a gate allowing them to then be transferred and stacked into a pallet outfeed collection bay, awaiting removal by a forklift.

Product Details

Main Voltage: 400 Volt – 3 Phase (5 wire)
Control Voltage: 24 Volt DC
Control System: Allen Bradley PLC (Standard)
Pneumatics: FESTO (Standard)
Electrical Load: Pending application
Air Supply: Clean dry air at minimum Pressure of 560 Kpa

  • Compact Footprint
  • Automatic De-Pallet Dispenser
  • Operator friendly HMI Screen
  • 3 Speed Singuliser on discharge
  • Suitable for Plastic and Cardboard Layer Sheets
  • Automatic Layer Sheet Removal
  • Automatic stacking of empty pallets
  • Safety Light Curtains at pallet entry points
  • Safety Light Curtain across operator access area

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