Bag In Box

The Recopak Bag in Box system is specifically designed to cater for a large range of bladder filled applications.

The Recopak Bag in Box machine will erect a cask (box), load the filled bladder into the box in the correct orientation, then close and seal the top and bottom flaps with hotmelt. Handling overlapping major flaps.

This system can be directly integrated with most filling machines
(e.g. Scholle, Raypak, Flex pack Systems).

Single or Dual Filler options available.

Catering for applications from 2 to 10 litre standard, other sizes available upon request.
Applications include – Wine, Water, Oil, Juice and Dairy just to name a few.
Overall productivity is increased while labour costs are minimised.
As a fully automatic system this machine only requires one operator.

As an option this machine can be supplied with an automatic size changeover system.

Product Details

Main Voltage: 400 Volt – 3 Phase (5 wire)
Control Voltage: 24 Volt DC
Control System: Allen Bradley PLC (Standard)
Pneumatics: FESTO (Standard)
Electrical Load: 6 kW
Air Supply: Clean dry air at minimum Pressure of 560 Kpa
Speed: Up to 15 Cases per minute pending product and case size
Hot Melt: Nordson Model Problue 7 (Standard)

  • Quick changeover for product loading chutes
  • Hand wheel adjustments for size change (optional auto size change)
  • Simple and reliable bag loading system
  • Robust stainless steel laser cut frame with brushed finish
  • Electrically interlocked polycarbonate gull wing guarding
  • Hot melt top and bottom seal
  • Product transfer system protected by electronic toque limited control

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