The Australian Government is currently offering TAX WRITE OFF incentives to assist businesses
during these times of this Global Financial and Economic Crisis.

With incentives like this it is NOW” the best time to take advantage by purchasing machinery that will assist your business grow.

For example, our Semi Auto COP is our most versatile product friendly packing system on the market today.
Allowing you to pack just about any type of product from cans, bottles, packets just to name a few and now
at a tax write off price point that can assist your business to grow by increasing productivity and reducing labour costs.

As this TAX WRITE OFF incentive is available across our complete product range of packaging machines,
we recommend you contact us for more information and discuss how RECOPAK can help you gain back business
and productivity growth during this time.

Below is only one of the many options we can assist you with
in relation to our packaging machinery solutions for your business.

Welcome to RECOPAK

RECOPAK design and manufacture Innovative Packaging Machinery. We specialise in the Dairy, Wine, Beverage and Water processing industries as well as many other food product lines. Can, bottle, bag or box; RECOPAK are your Packaging Machinery Solution.

We provide ready or custom-made solutions to satisfy each customer’s requirements and the ever changing needs of the industry.

Innovative by design, RECOPAK machines are finished to a very high standard and have aesthetically pleasing appearance, robust construction, quick and simple size change, easy accessibility for maintenance and with high priority operator safety.

Supplying the industry nationally, RECOPAK are proudly Australian owned and manufactured in Victoria, Australia.

We also have quality European supply partners that provide us with the ability to offer the very best innovative and up to date alternative packaging solutions.

Our Product Range

RECOPAK Design and Manufacture Innovative Packaging Machinery.


For more information regarding what RECOPAK can do for you – please contact us via the many options below.

Trusted Clients

RECOPAK have manufactured Packaging Machinery for many Australian companies – including: